Paul Goodberg

Helping Heal the Earth



Activist Mysticism: An Esoteric Teaching

In this short book, Paul Goodberg introduces teaching that he calls activist mysticism. At its core, activist mysticism is grounded in the experience of spirit, which is expressed as service to our planet. Paul’s teaching
transmits healing for each of us and wisdom to help us heal the Earth.

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What Wants to Be Known: The Adventures and Teachings of an Esoteric Warrior.


What Wants to be Known is the first-person account of a guardian of the higher realms of consciousness, obligated by his teachers to use the capacities they have gifted him in order to be of service to individuals and to the planet. The last lineage holder of two very different traditions, Paul Goodberg does battle in the spirit world, helps heal the planet, and offers wisdom teachings that bring us into a more reciprocal relationship with the natural world.

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