Paul Goodberg

Helping Heal the Earth


During the past decade or so a collection of digital material was created which documents and preserves Paul Goodberg’ s teachings and healings. This archive allows you to access a database of Paul's offerings, which are no longer current.  

If you are interested in healings/transmissions access the collection through this Dropbox link. You will be able to view and download multiple healings grouped in four folders: 

  • Nervous System Healings and Transmissions

  • Gifts Of Love For Your Heart And Soul

  • Gifts For Your Growth and Wellness

  • Gifts to Experience The Upper Realms

Or you may be interested in the video documents of the Helping Heal the Earth Service Project which reestablished a subtle energy field around our planet. Again you will be able to view, download and comment.

Or perhaps you want to review one of the audio recordings from the eight, week long retreats held at Ratna Ling. If so, email us - - and we will send you the appropriate link. Here are the years and titles:

2011_Healing Earth Trauma
2012_Healing Earth’s Consciousness Container
2012_Activist Mysticism
2013_Service As a Spiritual Path
2014_Witnessing The Sacred: Mindless Mysticism
2015_The Culture of the Sacred
2016_Consciousness Containers
2017_Listening To What Wants To Be Known