Paul Goodberg

Helping Heal the Earth



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For more than seventy years, Paul Goodberg has dedicated himself to a life of devotion and service.

Paul was born into a family of Yiddish visionaries and healers, becoming heir at birth to his Grandmother Gussie’s Central European lineage. From the time he was three, Paul spent hours every day sitting by Gussie’s side, watching as she conducted numerous healings in complete silence. He learned to mirror and embody her skills, to offer healings the way she did, and to protect himself from the dangers found on the streets in the Bronx of the 1940s.

Years later, realizing he needed further training, an old friend suggested they venture to Peru. It was there, at a remote spiritual festival in the Andes that he found what he didn’t even know he was looking for—Don Manuel Quispe, an Andean high priest of the Q’eros people. Upon being introduced, Don Manuel asked Paul a mysterious question: “What took you so long?” Although Paul had never heard of Don Manuel, he agreed to spend time with him in his village. Over the next several years, Don Manuel gave him silent transmissions nightly and specific tasks to complete. He then deemed Paul his heir and sent him back to the West to complete his work.

For more than seventy years, Paul has followed the directives of his grandmother Gussie and offers healings to anyone in need. For more than twenty-five years, he has furthered the mission of Don Manuel by performing land-healing rituals all over the world. Central to Paul’s work is his belief that to be developed spiritually, one needs to commit to a life of service.

Many see Paul as a powerful, modern-day shaman. He refers to himself, instead, as a companion to the land, which is the native way, and a traditional healer. He communicates directly with nature; he sees reality as reality. He listens to what needs to be known and proceeds accordingly. This was how Don Manuel taught him; this is how he teaches; this is how he heals others. He is the culmination of all the silent gifting, teachings, and capacities he has received and he is, in turn, offering us teachings and transmissions online and in print. 

Paul has lived and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area since the mid-1980s. He continues to offer healings—in person, through photographs, and online. As famously reclusive as Paul is, people all over the world continue to seek him out for his healings, his teachings, and his advice, including parents, students, celebrities, and high-powered Silicon Valley executives.