Our Service Project

We offer prayers for the renewal of sacred consciousness.

Beginning in 1990, we began an active on-site service of praying for the renewal of sacred consciousness. We started at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico in the States and ended at Cordoba, Spain in 2013.
Additionally, prayer ceremonies were held in the greater Washington DC area and New Orleans (USA), Prague (Czech Republic) and Lyon (France).

The videos in this section of our website document some of our prayerful service. As we continued to pray, we discovered twelve dormant sources of highly refined sacred consciousness. We prayed for their restoration, which became active as columns of bright light.

Currently, we continue to offer prayers for the unfolding of sacred consciousness.

Introducing Our Prayer Service
June 23, 2015

This video outlines our ongoing service. It also summarizes our current point of view of the relationship between sacred consciousness and the material world.

Liberating Palenque's Light Column
Feb. 7, 2012

This video contains a detailed report of a first approach to the Temple of Inscriptions and the column of light.

Here I describe the progress I’ve made in restoring a dormant light column underneath the Temple of Inscriptions at this ancient Mayan city. This is the second light column I have fully restored. Now, both restored light columns are contributing to the renewal of the Earth’s consciousness container.

I recorded a comprehensive teaching about Palenque in February of 2010.

The first light column I restored was within Chaco Canyon (New Mexico) at Fajada Butte. There is no recording from that restoration.

The energy of the Temple of Inscriptions before Paul approached it
Liberating Palenque's Light Column 1
Feb. 8, 2012

Beginning the liberation of the column of light underneath the Temple of Inscriptions.

Paul addressing the Temple of Inscriptions and the column of light beneath it from a quiet place
Liberating Palenque's Light Column 2
Feb. 9, 2012

The light column is restored and I explain its purpose.

A further engagement with the column of light
Liberating Palenque's Light Column 3
Feb. 10, 2012

Reflections on the events that result in a second fully functioning light column following the fully liberated and restored light column at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA, in September 2011.

I recorded a comprehensive teaching about Chaco in March of 2011.

A fully functioning column of light emerging from under the Temple of Inscriptions
Restoring The Earth’s Consciousness
Feb. 23, 2012

A summary of my current understanding of Earth’s consciousness container.

Now that the second column of light is functioning and I am looking forward to restoring the third, fourth and fifth light columns, I offer you my emerging understanding of Earth’s consciousness system. I now believe that the Earth has been without its consciousness system for many millennia and once it is restored, the Earth will once again have a self sustaining consciousness.

Restoring Cusco's Light Column
May 9, 2012

This video contains a report of the May 9th restoration of the third light column in Cusco, Peru.

Restoring Cusco's Light Column - Comment
May 9, 2012

As the Earth’s consciousness container is renewed I am noticing that its quality continues to change. Here is a brief update of what I am experiencing.

Restoring Cusco's Light Column 1
May 10, 2012

Cusco’s light column is fully established and contributing to the Earth’s consciousness container. The container is now more potent and has become quite fluid.

Restoring Cusco's Light Column 2
May 11, 2012

The consciousness container has become exuberant as it develops.

Restoring Cusco's Light Column 3
May 12, 2012

As I describe the stabilization of the consciousness container an Andean hummingbird visits with me. Then a rainbow appears. My work is done here in Cusco.

The Consciousness Container Has Transformed
July 4, 2012

The Earth’s consciousness container has mysteriously evolved into a subtle energy field.

I offer a summary and overview of what has happened since Cusco’s light column was restored. Our planet now has a subtle energy field which mysteriously evolved from the Earth’s consciousness container.

This unified energy field is a high vibrational, gentle and healing presence for our planet. The growing influence of this newly restored field is only now beginning.

This teaching was recorded at Manžan, near Koper, Slovenia, in early July of 2012.

Restoring Krakow's Light Column
July 8, 2012

Here is a description of the restoration or evocation of the light column at Krakow. I met resistance for the first time since I began to restore the Earth’s twelve light columns. I chose not to react to this resistance. My non-reaction allowed the resistance to collapse.

Krakow’s light column is identical to the previous three light columns I restored. The synergy of Krakow with the other three light columns can now be experienced as a relationship to the Earth’s subtle energy field. Yes, the Earth’s subtle energy field is conscious!

This video contains a report of the July 7 and 8, 2012 restoration of Krakow’s light column.

More than 900 years ago Wawel Catedral was built on top of a light column
Restoring Istanbul’s Light Column
July 15, 2012

This video contains a report of the July 14th and 15th restoration of Istanbul’s light column.

The fifth light column has been restored and is identical and synergistic with the other four restored light columns. Hagia Sofia, which is now a museum with precious artifacts, was built on top of Istanbul’s light column. As this light column contributes to the Earth’s subtle energy field, the field becomes stronger and stronger and yet remains as gentle as a baby’s kiss.

Again, I invite you to establish a relationship with the Earth’s subtle energy field. Of course, this may be difficult for you because ultimately this is a mysterious relationship. As with all mystical relatedness, this relationship is not about doing. There is nothing to do! Mysteriously, I invite you into a being with the Earth’s subtle energy field.

As I was restoring this light column, I received an extraordinary gifting from within Hagia Sofia. This gifting is available to you on this video.

Hagia Sofia, Istanbul (Turkey), after restoration of the light column
Restoring Ohrid’s Light Column
July 22, 2012

The sixth light column in Ohrid, Macedonia, is identical and synergistic with the other five restored light columns. This was the first light column I restored from within the light column. After an hour the column was fully established and will reach its full intensity in about ten days. Now the Earth’s subtle energy field is offering you an esoteric teaching.

On a hill adjacent to Lake Ohrid is St. Kliment’s Church which was recently rebuilt. Previously it was a mosque and prior to that a church dating back before the 9th Century. At this ancient site the dormant light column is now, once again fully alive. After the light column was fully established I visited the remains of St. Kliment, the patron saint of Macedonia.

The Subtle Energy Field Is Now Offering A Healing
July 22, 2012

As I continue to restore Earth’s light columns, my experience of the Earth’s subtle energy has evolved.

The Earth’s subtle energy field is now dissolving negativity on our planet and releasing traumatized souls.

After the fourth light column was restored at Krakow, Poland, I discovered that the subtle energy field is now healing traumatized cities and towns and releasing traumatized souls. With the establishment of the fifth light column the field is now fully relational and with the sixth column established, the field is offering a teaching.

Service Project Update I
Aug. 7, 2012

Now that there are six light columns fully restored it is time to update you on our progress so far. Our goal is to restore all twelve of the Earth’s light columns. The final result of this service project will be a fully functioning energetic field surrounding the Earth’s surface. This subtle energetic field creates opportunities for healing and the further development of consciousness.

Service Project Update II
Aug. 6, 2012

In this short teaching I discuss the challenges of integrating each newly restored light column into the emerging energetic field. My capacity to continue to restore the Earth’s subtle energetic field is based on new gifts I received at Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

Service Project Update III
Aug. 6, 2012

Here is a short explanation of what light columns actually are and how I restore them.

Restoring Cordoba's Light Column
Jan. 29, 2013

In this sixteen minute talk, I discuss the restoration of the principal Earth energy source at Cordoba, Spain. This is the seventh light column to be restored and the Cordoba restoration significantly transforms the Earth’s subtle energy field.

I also discuss the realm of the material and the realm of the non-material, the realm of the sacred. The relationship of the material with the non-material is addressed by all of the great wisdom traditions.

The Earth’s subtle energy field is separate and distinct from the Earth’s materiality and rarely impacts the Earth’s materiality.

The focal point of the Great Mosque at Cordoba
Restoring The Remaining Light Columns
Feb. 1, 2013

Sitting within the principal light column at Cordoba, Spain, I was able to restore the remaining five inactive light columns. The order of restoration was: Australia, Tibet, Israel, Russia and Japan.

Our service project is now completed. The Earth’s subtle energy field is connected to the Earth’s soul via the twelve light columns. The Earth’s soul and its subtle energy field mirror each other and in this mirroring the Earth’s consciousness continues to evolve.

What impact will the newly restored subtle energy field of the Earth have on the critical issues of our time? Will global warming, wars, disease and poverty be lessened? Who or what will mediate between this sacred “non-material” energetic presence and our urgent “material” issues?

Our healing and development cannot be separated from the Earth’s healing and continued development.

Our soul, our sacredness, is expressed in service to the Earth’s soul, its sacredness.

Our service to the Earth, in all its animate and inanimate manifestations, is the context for our own liberation.

The Earth is healing. We are healing.