Mindless Mysticism

The teaching offered here is not a system of personal growth or personal enrichment. Rather, here are suggestions and processes for the development of our capacity to relate to what is mysterious to all of us. First, we become relational with nature. Then we learn to relate to the spiritual world. Third, we relate to the gods, and finally, we may be able to enter a relationship with the “All.”

The teachings presented here are from a Retreat I conducted in May of 2014 during which I focused on relationships with nature. Here you will find short teachings and transmissions to help you get started with this teaching.

Our healing and development cannot be separated from the Earth’s healing and continued development.

Our soul, our sacredness, is expressed in service to the Earth’s soul, its sacredness.

Our service to the Earth, in all its animate and inanimate manifestations, is the context for our own liberation.

The Earth is healing. We are healing.