Gifts To Experience The Upper Realms

The higher realms have an objective existence not dependent on our awareness. These gifts help us to access these highly refined qualities of the sacred.

Please use these gifts in the order presented. The first gift helps us to establish our basic stance as Earth and star connected seekers. The second and third gifts open the door to experience the elevated realms. The fourth gift is the door to experiencing the Earth’s subtle energy field which reflects the Earth’s soul.

Energetic Gift To Be Earth And Star Connected
Aug. 11, 2012

Here is an esoteric gift to you to embody your Earth and star connection. It was offered as part of basic teachings titled Basics Of Mystical Awareness.

Transmission And Healing For You To Experience The Higher Realms Of Consciousness
Oct. 19, 2013

You may need to experience this healing and transmission many times for it to be effective.

Transmission To Access The Higher Realms Of Consciousness
Oct. 19, 2013

Here is my invitation to you to experience the higher levels of consciousness as they currently change. You may need to repeat this transmission over several weeks.

A Healing To Connect You To The Subtle Energy Field Of The Earth
Aug. 10, 2013

This healing is intended to connect you to the esoteric field surrounding the Earth and to teach you how to make this connection.

Our healing and development cannot be separated from the Earth’s healing and continued development.

Our soul, our sacredness, is expressed in service to the Earth’s soul, its sacredness.

Our service to the Earth, in all its animate and inanimate manifestations, is the context for our own liberation.

The Earth is healing. We are healing.