Gifts For Your Growth and Wellness

Each of these seven healings address challenges we all face on a daily basis. Please use these as needed and as often as needed. They may be used out of sequence.

A Healing To Calm Anxiety And Restlesness
Aug. 24, 2013

Here I offer a healing intended to calm anxiety and restlessness.

A Healing For Anxiety And Fluency
Sept. 21, 2013

This is a healing for general anxiety. It has an additional focus: assisting you to be more open to the ebb and flow of sacred time.

A Healing To Clear Negativity
Aug. 13, 2011

Here I offer you a healing to clear negativity. You can return to this section again and again as needed.

A Healing To Help You Continue To Ground
Dec. 14, 2013

I offer you this healing and transmission (silent teaching) to help encourage your continued grounding.

A Healing For Embodiment
June 1, 2013

Paul Goodberg offers you the gift of physical presence.

This healing is part of Service As A Spiritual Path teachings.

Healing For General Health And Wellbeing
June 1, 2013

This healing is different from the other healings on this website. Rather than being a transmission, this healing is simply an emanation or radiation of what is inside of me.

This healing is part of Service As A Spiritual Path teachings.

A Healing To You For Sleep
Jan. 9, 2012

A healing is offered to you for sleep. You may use this healing in preparation for sleep as a deep listening.

This healing was offered during a week long retreat held in January, 2012 at Cazadero, CA and it is part of teachings titled Healing Earth’s Consciousness Container.

Our healing and development cannot be separated from the Earth’s healing and continued development.

Our soul, our sacredness, is expressed in service to the Earth’s soul, its sacredness.

Our service to the Earth, in all its animate and inanimate manifestations, is the context for our own liberation.

The Earth is healing. We are healing.