Offering Mystical Teachings

Our purpose is to offer Mystical Teachings from audio recordings, video clips and written texts that help you to be of service to our planet and all its creatures.
The teachings, the teacher and how to
receive the teachings
Consider where to begin

Basic Teachings

Becoming embodied and recovering our inherent wisdom
Witnessing, listening, service and life in a sacred context
Reciprocity, empathy and the recovery of lost esoteric traditions

Healing Gifts For You

Here is a collection of healing energies for your growth.

Public Talks

Monthly talks were offered in 2013 and introduced and updated Paul Goodberg’s teaching.

Advanced Teachings

Offering Earth healings to restore its consciousness.

On September 26th 2010, I conducted a ceremony to help heal the traumas of the Earth’s Soul.

This is an eighteen part teaching recorded in February, 2010, at Palenque, Mexico.

Service Project

The energetic field surrounding the Earth’s surface has now been restored.

Trauma and Service

A week long retreat held in May, 2013 at Cazadero, CA

A week long retreat held in January, 2012 at Cazadero, CA.

A week long retreat held in August, 2011 at Cazadero, CA.

Service For The Healing Of The Earth

Access to all the teachings Helping Heal The Earth is offering
Thank you for your interest in these teachings. Your willingness to listen honors my teachers.
Here is the list of all of the teachings on this website. This teachings are our gifts to you.
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