An Esoteric Teaching

Activist Mysticism: An Esoteric Teaching by Paul J. Goodberg
In his books, esoteric teacher Paul J. Goodberg, introduces a postmodern teaching which he calls Activist Mysticism.

Paul’s first book Activist Mysticism:
An Esoteric teaching
is available here


A Brief Introduction to Our Website

Here is an introduction to our teaching, a teaching for post-modern seekers. Our pathless path, called activist mysticism or mindless mysticism, is a path of active planetary service, release from personal suffering, and an active experience of personal freedom. Our foundation is the rediscovery of our essential sacred wisdom.

Approaching the Sacred

This short teaching contains an up-to-date summary of our understanding of the sacred. As we experience the sacred, rather than think about it, we discover that the sacred is neutral and concerned. We can come to experience the levels and the structure of the sacred.

Knowing the Sacred

The mind, the intellect cannot penetrate the sacred. Rather, the sacred reveals itself if we listen patiently. Listening to “what wants to be known” is a skill set which can be cultivated.

Experiencing the Sacred as Consciousness

The sacred is active and expanding. We can directly experience it in this moment as a consciousness outside of our mind.
The Sacred has no direct impact on the material world. Rather, it influences our day to day awareness and behavior.

Mindless Mysticism

Our latest video based teachings offer the spiritual seeker a pathway to sacred wisdom.

Service Project

We offer prayers for the renewal of sacred consciousness.